The magic capture of a cherished childhood playtime! It is possible to hit the pause button and enjoy a moment in time with this set of paper dolls.

Here is all the bits to truly bring your miniature scene alive. 

An open folder of sheets of paper dolls. Four sheets are intact but the other four have outfits missing as if the little girl had cut out various outfits for her dolls. One sheet has a half cut dress remaining so it is possible to place it in your doll’s hands with a pair of scissors to appear as if she has paused for a moment from the concentrating of cutting out another outfit.

There a 2 paper dolls, 7 outfits and 6 hats that are laser cut to spread out on the worktable, along with a thin box to storage her dolls after an afternoon of playing with her paper friends.  Included is a pair of children playtime scissors to put in her hand.  The printing was done on high quality paper and at a high resolution for a crisp look of detail.  Scatter some paper scraps on the floor and your imagined scene has begun to same like the real thing!

Let you little people have a play day with a wonderful set of paper dolls!

Playtime Fun Kit $18

  doll at play lab even closer lab

 kit 3 500 lab

cutting lab closeup w doll lab