An upright counter shown in a soft blue with chalk paints ( my new favorite medium! ) filled with Easter items. Paint or stain as you wish.  The very best of Easter goodies fills this counter! 

NOTE:  This counter requires some fimo work.  However, I have some new techniques and cookie pattern shapers to make the cookies. You might be surprised with what you can make after this. I am approaching the kit instructions differently with this part.  I am doing some youtube videos of the techniques for this part.  It is easier to provide more info and clear up the pitfall areas of playing with fimo with the videos than writing it out. There will not be a step by step written guide in the kit instruction for this part but uses the video information for that part. Check out the fimo creations you will learn to create in the photos below.  Fimo is NOT provided in the kit.

NOTE:  Urn and egg color in urn will vary due to supply.  A couple of examples are shown in photo below.  

I will be putting a number of cookie pattern shapers in the Bakery section (in April) that use these fimo techniques.  This really expands your base of doable foods for your dollhouse or miniature sweet shop without being terribly expensive AND it is fun!

Measurements….5.25 in ht x 1.75 in deep x 3.5 in width

Easter Folic  $72

folic counter detail 350 folic top detail 350

urn detail 350 flowered egg detail 350

bottom shelf detail 350