Remember the anticipation of opening the decorated shoebox at school to see the collection of valentines you received from fellow classmates?

This is a celebration of a childhood memory.

Assemble and decorate a laser cut shoebox with a slot in the lid with lacy trims, glittery red hearts and more to recreate the memory.

The valentines are all laser cut to eliminate the difficulty of cutting out the irregular shapes of such small pieces.  The smoother cut enhances the details and allows you to jump right in with embellishing the individual valentines with the provided hearts, paper lace, etc..

As you can see, there are 2 stand up dimension valentines in the batch.  Enjoy the whimsical animal characters in all kinds of poses celebrating love. The gathering included an empty elaborate candy box to store valentines in.  Not too hard to imagine it contained candy long ago but saved to put valentine cards in.

It is easy to step in a memory of the past with this group of valentine related items.

Valentine Memories $18 

closeup 2 closeup 1 

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