A long display case that is anything but square with its etched plexiglass side panels and shape.

The cabinet has a hexagonal shape with floral etched plexiglass panels on the sides for added detail and allows more light in to show off the finery inside. 

The added base comes with a very detailed set of instructions to acheive the faux finished shown.  It makes this into a very upscale and elegant counter with this finishing technique. It is a technique to use on other pieces or walls.

Could be filled with a variety of things....it is up to your imagination. Comes with the sized doily to fit.

Below are two photos to compare what it would look like with and without added base (sorry, no stained finish on those photos).

 Measurements – 3.75 in ht x 2.25 in deep x 6.5 in width 

Hexagonal Display Counter w Added Base  $58

counter wo base w campanion detail 350 counter w base w companion detail 350