A shop display that has a fancy back splash with engraved plexiglass panels inserted in the odd shaped cutouts that make it quite dramatic and bold. The plexiglass panels do not photograph well but add a unique detail to the piece to give the impression of etched glass that might have been found in an old shop counter. Two jackets are displayed on the counter top with ties and a hat draped over boxes along with a bust of Mozart and a man's dresser set. The dresser has a watch, gloves,cufflinks and brush set for enough more detail.

No space left unfilled but not so cluttered that is loses its artistic look. It gives the impression of a well stocked men's counter. Drawers are faux and do not open. The wood is cherry.

The Elegant Man $110


Measures Ht 7.5 in x 6.5 in W x 2 in D