Who Doesn't Like Chocolate?

I created a chocolate shoppe some years ago due to that love of chocolates and candy.  It is a little hard to photograph due to the back wall and the left wall are mirror glass pieces. The mirrors make the room appear bigger but also makes it hard when photographing for the viewer to determine what is a reflection and what is physically there.  I turned off the lights in the room where the roombox was so there isn't the distraction of me photographing the room in the reflections so it might appear a little dark but here it goes. 

Here is a closer look....The back wall is three of my chocolate cabinet kits connected with two of the cornice connectors set between them.  My shop is large so I needed a good visual backdrop.

closer look 1000 lt Here are some of the customers that breath a little life into the shop. They are having a tough time deciding on what to choose. There is so much chocolate!  The dolls are by various artists. The shopkeeper and older woman are by Sharon Cariola.  The mother is by Loretta Kasza.  I made the young girl.  The little boy is by Barbara Cooper. 

customers lt more customers lt

Most of the cabinets are empty cabinet kits but 3 of them come with fillers.  They are Chocolate Wishes, Chocolate Fantasy and Taste of Chocolate.  My Taste of Chocolate cabinet in this shop is not filled the same as the kit due to using it that way in a different scene, so I filled this one with some of my fimo candies that I have collected over time.

chocolate fantasy 500 ltchocolate wishes 200 lt

 alternate taste of chocolate lt taste of chocolate 2017 lt