A cup of tea to savor the moment.

You can get quite a lot of detail in a small space in the Housework Wall House. 

side whole thing


This is Tea Haven – a shop that sells tea related items, linens, and china.  It is 5 o’clock and the shop has just closed after a busy day.  The owner is upstairs in her apartment enjoying a refreshing cup of tea and a snack.  She is relaxing listens to her canary singing his afternoon song along with her little dog beside her.  A moment of complete contentment is captured in the details.

apartment 800

Some of my favorite thing---

I collected the plate with the orange some years ago.  I am still amazed by the realism of the peeled rim sitting on that plate every time I look at it.

The lady is by Barbara Cooper of the Wren’s Nest. She is reading a book about the Charm of Tea naturally.  I had created that book for a Name regional.  She is sipping tea from one of my painted teacups.

The little dog is by Bridget McCarty.

The plant stand in the corner is by Kimberly Hammond.

orange slices doll and dog hammond plant dog and tea

All of the various bits and pieces I have collected or made over time take me down memory lane when I am looking at it.

The hutch in the upstairs apartment was a rather fun transformation project.  It was an unpainted Bespaq that was a Victorian replica with over the top turnings and shelves (as they were in reality) but when shrunk to miniature size it was too much.  You couldn’t put anything on it and actual see it. The fillers got lost on it.  So, I decided to clear off some things but keep the lovely idea of an ornate china hutch. Compare the two pictures and see if you like the changes.

hutch before hutch after

The main area of the shop has quite a few of my kits in it along with some of the faux china I use to paint before getting into laser work.  I like to actual use my finished kits in settings. It becomes my record of my miniature making journey over time.

The cabinet in the left corner is the Feminine Novelty kit. The filled table of the tea items is the Tea Shop Display kit. The tall hutch in the right corner is the Summer Harvest kit.

tea shop disp table tea shop disp table

The attic is also a treasure trove of items from the past.  The trunk was a kit that inspired a batch of trunks one of my daughters and I made together for a NAME function.  The framed picture was a souvenir from a NAME show.  The baby gown was also from a NAME swap.  I painted the little shoes bronze from a metal miniature.  They remind me of childhood when it was a common custom to have a bronze made of your children’s shoes.  More china from one of the classes I taught on faux china painting. 

Attics are supposed to hold memories of by gone times and it is definitely true in this case.