My pointy but sharp (just kidding) sewing scissors are not the kind of scissors a mother lets her kids have at an early age, plus no one wants to dull their fine sewing scissors with paper.

My wandering into childhood playing needed the proper tools.  Remember those blunt tipped scissors and all the wonderful things you cut and maybe a few things you were not supposed to cut - like your sister’s hair.

Here are the scissors in miniature!

There are 2 styles with 9 pairs of scissors on each card.  Six are in the closed position and three are in the opening position to give you plenty for using multiple settings. Check out the open pair in the little girl's hand!

They look great with the handles painted and gathered in a container to set on a desk or table.

NOTE: container for scissors is a prop and NOT part of this kit.

2 styles - Classic or Modern

Children's Scissors $5 for either style

closeup w container lab 500 cutting lab